Physical efforts in virtualization and mobility



Based in the UK, I have worked in the IT industry for more years than I care to attempt to count and have gradually risen up the ranks from walking the beat as a Helpdesk analyst to a senior consultant. These days I tend to work with customers designing and deploying end-user computing solutions but often get involved in general infrastructure work as well.

After thinking about it for many years, I was compelled to start a blog as I often read others to get things done and research information. I struggle with vendor publications from the likes of Microsoft, Citrix and VMware as they take so god damn long to get to the point and even with the poorly structured waffle that precedes the answer you are really looking for, they offer little additional value. When working out a solution or trying to find the answer to a problem I rarely find that vendor publications or even blogs provide all the answers (and after all why should they – we still need something to do) so I often find myself joining up the dots from various sources.

I don’t think you’ll find much groundbreaking content on this blog but what I will be doing is joining up the dots and filling in the blanks to issues I have faced, if not for other people’s benefit, for my own. I will be crediting many sources, demonstrating how I have used them in my day-to-day work and also how I have enhanced them to meet the needs of real world scenarios.

I was recently awarded the vExpert award for all of my vEfforts, which I was very pleased about.


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